The Social Goal of Gnec is to Publish beneficial books

      Articles in Area of Engineering:
    • Low Voltage Panel/ Anosh MoaidyKashani / (E-book)
    • Medium Voltage Panel/ Anosh MoaidyKashani / (E-book)
    • PCA Notes on ACI 318-05 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete/Translator: RaziehHashemi/
    • Tectoniecs/HoseinMotamedi/
    • Excellence one Toolbook for Benchmarking/ Ali Reza Rezayatmand, Sasan Ghasemi/
    • Pressuremeter Test in Geotechnical Engineering/ Ali Ghanbari, Mohsen Mojezi/
    • Boundary Element Methods (Theory and Applications)/ JafarAsgariMarnani, Mahdi Panji/
    • Numerical analysis of geotechnical engineering problems using PLAXIS softwate/ Amir Hooti, Mohsen Mojezi/
    • Project Management/ masoudZaki Pour/
    • Basics of Electrical Design/ KawusGhassabe/
    • Understnding FACTS: Concepts and Technology of Flexible AC Transmission Systems/Author: Narain G. Hingorani/Translator: Ahmad FereidounDorafshan/
    • 7th Electrical Power Distribution Conference  Iran Tehran
    • The role of World Bank's in the Elecrictiy Sector